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Not all computer are built alike

Two computers with the identical specifications from different manufacturers with great variation in price means that one is made with substandard components. The use of substandard components means that the computer is likely freeze or crash often, thus causing data loss. If you calculate the time lost due to these crashes and re-entering lost data over the life of the computer, which is about three years, this inexpensive computer has turned into a major liability. Further, name recognition of the computer does not mean you are getting a good quality computer.

Here at Avedata.net we provide complete solutions for our customers. Each computer we build is custom tailored to the clients needs and is only built using top quality name brand components. 

Call us or send us an e-mail with your requirements.  We will work up a system and provide you with a quotation. Tel/Fax: 888-534-9175 e-mail: info@avedata.net